Activities and Events


The Mount Vernon Amateur Radio Club:



  • Has Monthly Meetings
  • Has Monthly Volunteer Examination Sessions
  • Has a Monthly Breakfast social gathering, an annual Holiday Party, and an annual Picnic along with it's Field Day activities
  • Maintains a 2 meter repeater which is open to all and has a telephone autopatch covering the Northern Virginia - DC Metro area for it's members
  • Participates in the Fairfax County ARES/RACES program
  • Conducts a weekly ARES net on the Club's repeater
  • Publishs a monthly club newsletter entitled Ye Olde RF Output or YORFO as it is often called
  • Maintains this web site to advertise the Club and keep our members informed
  • Co-sponsors Venturing Crew 80-W3BSA
  • Members serve as the primary operators for the US Coast Guard Telecommunication and Information System Command's amateur radio equipment, thereby keeping the equipment, antennas, and operators ready for when there's a need for emergency communications
  • Conducts s Special Event Station in commeroration of George Washington's Birthday each President's Day weekend from George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate on the West shore of the Potomac River
  • Participates in the annual ARRL Field Day exercise in late June. MVARC is affilated with the American Radio Rely League (ARRL).